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Zone industrielle nord - Impasse Golliat
F-01100 Oyonnax - France
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CHRISTHEL Outillage SARL since 1973. 
We are one of the leading French companies specialised in the production of 1z flute helicoidale carbide cutters with our web site able to register direct orders on line !
We are famous for  :
Frame manufacturers 
Outillage Christhel Sarl is able to support you in the supply of high quality tools with top cutting performences thanks to its researches in the us of a high quality Tungsten carbide to manufacture its tools.
Also take the opportunity to get high quality supply to reasonnable manufacturers prices as well as technical support !
Milling cutter with One Helicoidale flute, right hand side flute and cutting, as well as milling cutters with left hand side flute and right hand side cutting.
The top quality of our Tungsten Carbide is world wilde recognised for aluminium, plastic and wood machining.
Our catalogue on line will give you a general look on the different types of tools that we are able to supply. Though, many others which are not yet registered on our website are still available. Get in touch with us by mail, fax or phone for further information concerning our production range !


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Les revêtements USINAGE ALU DIBOND ALUCOBOND permettent de réduire le coût global d'usinage, en autorisant des conditions de vitesses de coupe plus élevées, et en réduisant considérablement le temps perdu en changement d’outils grâce à une durée de vie plus importante des outils. Leur faible coefficient de frottement et la dureté importante des revêtements permettent une réduction ou une suppression de la lubrification, et permettent d’obtenir une meilleure qualité de surface de la pièce usinée tout au long de la durée de vie de l’outil.

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